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Are All Asians The Same?

You might have heard the saying that all Asians look the same and are considered the same in most Western countries. Did you know that most people in Asia think most Westerners look the same as well? Of course with hair and eye colour people will be able to tell you apart, but if you happen to have the same hair and eye colour, most Asians will have some trouble telling foreigners apart.

How can that be? Are people just racist in general and don’t make the effort to remember you at all? The answer is no; it’s a well studied phenomena that’s called the cross-race effect. It is more easier to tell your own people apart compared to other cultures and origins. Why? Because the more experience and exposure we have, the better we get at picking out the nuances.


It’s like asking whether the French and Spaniard cultures are the same. There will be similarities and commonalities that go with language, traditions, norms, etc, but overall they are both different countries with their own differences.

While most East Asian and South East Asian cultures some similarities, such as the Lunar New Year, educational values, etc, there is still a lot of contrasts that you will recognize. For example, while most Westerners believe Japan, Korea, and China are all the same, there are historical tensions that go hundreds of years that if you say that to someone sensitive enough, you will offend them greatly.


However, with all that said, there are common similarities within cluster of regions in Asia. The Middle East have its own set of commonality as Arab nations. The Central Asians, this includes part of Mongolia, are similar in cultural and religious aspects. East and South East Asia bonded together with thousands of year old philosophies.

While most Asian cultures are inherently different with all their unique quirks, Asia is a vast continent that divides into sub regions with common similarities.

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